What is the Mother Slave Social Media Growth Method?

Zain Saeed
6 min readJan 14, 2021

Increasing your followers on social media could be difficult, but with the right approach and method, it’s not as difficult as you may think.

This method has been tested many times and it works great for me to get people to follow you on social media platforms. It’s very possible because I’ve done it and had zero problems with it!

This method is called the Mother Slave Method or Mother-Child Method of Growth!

The Mother Slave Social Media method is the most underground yet the most effective way to grow any social media account. With this type of growth, your social media accounts will gain a considerable amount of users within an extremely quick time frame.

Mother Slave (Mother-Child) method is the most Underground Yet the most effective Social Media Growth process. With this method, you can grow your social media accounts organically(Followers, Engagements, Brand Awareness)

So the Real Question is, How does this social media marketing method work? I’m going to break this method into small steps for everyone’s clear understanding.

If you want to gain followers on Instagram, but don’t have any budget: Organic methods such as mother-slave are a way to go. There are a few things to keep in mind, such as what is your target audience and what products they like the most.

Research your Audience:

To use this method, you first need to research your audience. This can be done by starting with competitors that have a large following on Instagram, Likes, and Comments.

Once you have your Target Audience, you are ready to implement the Mother Slave Method.

Now you need to Create 2 Instagram Accounts (2 accounts are just for a start-up you can create as many as you want if you can manage them properly.)

Now the next part is setting up those 2 slave accounts, making them look natural, and original (Add photo, bio, etc), and following people and hashtags you want to Target with Major Account (Mother Account). If you have accounts already then you are ready to go, but if you going to create new accounts then you have to wait a few days until those accounts become mature. If you start following too many people with new accounts your accounts will get Shadowbanned or may be banned Permanently so keep this tip in mind.

To make it more clear for you I’m going to explain how this method will actually work:

Let's say you have a business related to the fashion industry and you want to target people who are somehow interested in fashion and you already have data collected (Influencers, Competitors, etc).

Now start from the mother account, you can start following people related to this industry and people who could be your customers in near future. If you are a new business focusing on content and posting, creating eye-catching designs (unique, informative), and post videos (Videos are much more effective for Engagements as compared to Photos).

It's time for the slave accounts to show some magic. Keep on following people related to the fashion Industry (Start slowly at 50 followings a day then increase to 100–200 every day). Also, don’t forget to post some random and real content on slave Accounts this way they will look original and nobody is going to find that they are fake accounts. So, you need to do hard work and smart work at the same time, If you are going to use this method.

So, if you do it rightly in a few days you will have enough followers to show the posts of Mother Accounts by sharing them on Instagram Stories as well as with your friends, But don’t act like a salesperson, try natural ways to talk with people don’t make the feel like are talking with some random sales agent. Generally, discuss the brand and its products and compare it with others, so, the next person will understand you are a real guy/girl Interested in this fashion industry. This way you will not only grow followers over time but also you can increase engagement on your posts.

Let's say, if you follow 100 people every day, you will get (20–30) follow back. If you do it consistently for 7 days and you will get around 140–200 followers in a week. Now multiple these numbers monthly and yearly and you will understand the potential of this method.

This is a long-term growth method yet the most effective method of growth but it's not a quick growth scheme, so, if you are looking for Spam type of things to increase followers then this method is not for you! But if you genially want to grow business you can apply this method and I’m very sure it will give 100% results if you do it properly.

I’m a Top-Rated social media manager on Upwork for more than 5years, here is an example of one of my client Accounts with 9K+ followers which are all grown organically using the same method explained above:

It took us almost 6–8 months to reach here: We started this project from starch and after 8 months and it has 9k+ Followers which are still growing and Lot of engagements.

The questions that pop up into everyone’s mind while reading this are;

“Is this Growth Method Secure?”

The answer is “YES” It's a 100% secure and effective method and nothing bad is going to happen with your account if you do it properly like a human and not like a robot. So with this method, you don’t have to worry about your account.

Key Benefits of Mother Slave Growth Method

If you looking into this method with a long-term perspective then there is much more potential than you may think.

1- It helps in followers' growth on the main (Mother Account) as well as on the child account without spending a single penny.

2- It helps in creating more engagements because engagement is the KEY point for every Marketer and Business if your posts are not getting enough engagements there is no point to continue with just likes. So, this method will help you create more organic engagements on your mother accounts as well as on posts you shared through child accounts.

3- It helps a lot in building brand awareness because this method is focused on Growth and Engagement so which means the more audience you have the more brand awareness you can create.

“This is just One Method from many don’t consider as whole marketing strategy, Consider it as you Core Followers Growth Method”

Thank you & Good Luck!



Zain Saeed

Social Media Manager and Content Writer at Upwork!